I’m going Plastic Free this July

I’d love to share with you an inspiring initiative & exciting challenge I’m signing up for next month…

P l a s t i c  F r e e  J u l y

This environmental movement started in 2011 right here in Perth, Western Australia by passionate Earth Carers staff.

The aim is to raise awareness on the use of plastic in our lives and present the challenge to live without single-use plastic for the month of July.

Plastic, while being so versatile and mother to many great inventions, is also not that ‘fantastic’. It has led us on an individual, community and worldwide level to become really disconnected to what it means for our environment, to be using such a high volume of plastic and especially single-use plastic in our daily lives. Among many disturbing issues plastic consumption creates, arguably (and ironically!) the biggest is the sheer amount of wastage.

Just think every bit of plastic that has ever been created, still exists in some form somewhere in the world.

Ugh and if that doesn’t get your knickers or jocks in a knot, it also is harmful to animals both on land and in the ocean. You only need to google… The Great Pacific Garbage Patch to witness an horrific sight that might shock you out of those ziplock sandwich bags and the occasional water bottle from the petrol station, for good!


It is my FIRST time signing up for the Plastic Free July challenge but I’ve been gearing myself up for months. By trying to avoid single-use plastic in my lunches for work, saying no to plastic straws when eating out and learning to make my own beauty and cleaning products. I am so ready to tackle the plastic out of my life and see what I can learn along the way. To make things easier (not) I am road tripping up north the first few weeks of July, so I’ll be sure to share with you how that goes. Through this challenge, as many others have before, we should be able to discover creative alternatives to plastic and useful tips for a less wasteful lifestyle, which hopefully become habits to continue throughout the rest of the year too.

After hearing more and more about being #zerowaste or #plasticfree in both my friend circle and on social media, I’ve started to nourish my curious craving for knowledge this year having attended seminars run by environmentalist Tim Silverwood & Shani from Ecoburbia, and I’m also currently participating in a Living Smart course in North Fremantle. My awareness into the practice of plastic has now propelled to point of no return! I can’t wait to share my journey of reducing unnecessary plastic, drastically from all corners of my life, moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle….the eco-nerd within is jumping for joy.

“Think about it…why would you make something that you are going to use for a few minutes out of a material that’s basically going to last forever. What’s up with that?”

– Jeb Berrier, BagIt movie.

Sign up with me and many others around the globe this Plastic Free July here. You can also join Plastic Free WA (Western Australia) Facebook group too. Good luck if you choose to ditch the plastic this July, or if you’ve already jumped on the plastic free band wagon, massive respect to you from me & our Mother Earth…

Contact me if you’d like to share your tips, trial or tricks from this journey. Soph. X

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