My Exciting NEW Project: The Conscious Spirit Series

In early March 2015, I kickstarted a series of informal, inspirational collaborative workshops where a collective of kindred spirits from all over Perth can socially gather & share the journey of compassionate, conscious living.


The first one I faciliated at a local cafe, Voyage in Sorrento based on > Clarity & Dream Connection< , bringing your best self out of our distant minds and into the present moment through manifestation and intuition practices. I am so thankful to those ladies who came along and so grateful for everyone sharing their knowledge and wisdom. We already have some exciting collaborative workshops lined up for the future… (Including Shell from the Wellness Wallflower and Lena, my beautiful, wise aromatherapy queen friend).

These Conscious Spirit workshops may focus on anything from intentions, goals and presence, learning sustainable skills such as making natural products, upcycling or repurposing, general health & wellbeing, mindful eating, casual workshops to sharing books or documentaries, personal spirtuality and experience and occasionally guest facilitators (as mentioned above!) who would love to share their knowledge and passions with us all.

This is an indefinite and spontaneous series, where all who are a part of the tribe can suggest or run workshops held at different locations each time. For the most part, these workshops will be free, but depending on the content, some may encourage a donation for resources eg. making natural products.

My intention for this series is to continually create a space to learn & share together, equally. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this collaborative series please visit the Facebook group here.

Love & light

Soph. XX


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