Daily Living Tips: Go Green

I have wondered for a long time, what can I actually do day to day to benefit my environment instead of harm it...even in the smallest ways? I’ve also had a few of my wonderfully, curious and willing friends ask me how to reduce your waste and contribute positively to your environment instead. I think this is the start of something beautiful- when myself and others start living in a conscious way, making choices out of love for not just yourself, for your planet too.  These seeds in our minds long to be showered with knowledge, so after some research I’d love to share some daily changes we can make to help ease the journey of sustainable, green living.


The materials in your life which may encompass most of the items you use everyday, can be a great place to start switching to green replacements:

  •  Canvas shopping bags which are super durable and usually come in a variety of beautiful designs
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes, they are biodegradable, environmentally sustainable and because of their self-renewing quaility, bamboo means deforestation is NOT required at all…big tick!
  • Glass…umm anything!!! Glass water bottles, glass straws, glass tupperware- and not to mention those unique glass jars (I love!) for smoothie or breakfast perfection! If you have a look in your kitchen cupboards, you’ll notice most containers and drink bottles can be easily replaced by the beauty of glass. Did you know, just plastic water bottles alone take over 17 millions gallons of oil each year to produce?  That is insane I know.  So to avoid the desperate grab at water in covered shiny plastic at the deli on your way home from work, on most occasions try to carry your own personal reusable or glass bottle to stay hyrated at all times!


So now to address our personal consumption…before it even enter our mouth.

My number one tip here is to, attempt cut down on the processed food packaging (this is something you may do already…) instead purchase or grow fresh whole foods! They don’t come with packaging at all really- which reduces your waste! Thumbs up from me! Thinking consciously about what you put in your bin is so important and the less excess the better.

Handy Hint: Also endeavour to shop for these organic wholefoods locally too. This directly helps aids your local agriculture, your immediate environment, whilst also helping cement your sense of belonging in a community full of like-minded individuals. If you are based in Perth, you could have a squiz at my recent post: Perths Freshest on where to shop for your fresh, local produce. 


Above: Sylvia, a Perthveg supporter and her picture of the latest bunch of fruit and veggies she received from The Organic Circle, Perth. http://www.theorganiccircle.com.au/


This is about opening up your mind and your eyes. Teaching yourself to think twice. Before you chuck away that old shirt, shoe box, or the occasional wine bottle think of what you could do with this, instead of jumping to the conclusion if it’s broken or old, it automatically gets banned to the rubbish bin! There are always fantastic ways you can upcycle something, give it a new purpose or a new home- so get creative! (I’d love to see any of your creativeness, please #perthveg or tag @perthveg on instagram if you are proud of a repurposed project)!


Above: An eye catching example of up-cycling by one of my @perthveg followers on instagram and his new veggie patch, contained within the recycled glass bottle fence arranged in a wicked spiral! I especially love the colour reflections too.

Another mindful tip is to...switch off! Turn off the lights when you leave a room, leave behind Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even WordPress for a while and give power a break… even for half an hour. In that time you have the potential to reflect peacefully, remind yourself of conscious living or be progressive. Contribute positively to your life, mind and environment by attending to your veggie garden, latest project or catching up with a friend over a walk in fresh air, just to scrape the surface of ideas. This general power switch off will save the planet energy and your own too! Hooray to that!


I know you may have thought of this one but I think it is worth a mention. For ever 5 kilometres you can avoid taking your car, you can actually prevent roughly 15 pounds of air pollution entering the atmosphere!? That’s yet again another significant number you do have the power to contribute or limit your impact. So walking, jogging, carpooling, skipping *I actually witnessed someone skipping their dog on West Coast Highway in Perth, Western Australia yesterday and it made my day* …or whichever active alternative you can find to driving, take it! The earth (and your body) will be sure to love you for it!

Like I mentioned above- we must remember this is a journey. As much as I would love to snap my fingers and be living a completely sustainable, environmentally friendly and conscious lifestyle, these things take time. But I am willing and that is the most important thing.

I hope these few tips introduce ideas, replacements and reassessments you can make to daily lives and zestfully continue your positive, caring relationship with the environment.

Love Soph, The Conscious Spirit. X

If you are interested in reading more information, you can visit these websites below:





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