I have created this space to share with you my own pathway to live a sustainable, compassionate & grateful lifestyle. A life where I am present, informed, making conscious decisions for the good of the environment and all who call it their home. Through writing, I can share what I love, what I learn, what inspires me, my experiences and anything else that guides me to lead a wholesome life, keeping it eco, natural and healthy.

I am full of overflowing appreciation and love for nature, Mother Earth. I adore adventure and admiring the power of the ocean, deep red rocks, being deep in the forest and watching the colours of the sky change while the sunsets. Anywhere nature prevails, makes me feel alive. This feeling of aliveness I treasure and aim to protect the exact thing that not only keeps me alive but makes me FEEL alive too. 

Out of respect for the planet, I choose to live a life of kindness, kind to myself, animals and the earth…

Sharing as I learn I hope this may inspire others on this journey too. Every so often, for those of you kindreds souls in Perth, I faciliate a variety of workshops to share and learn from each other. To learn more, click on my workshops page.

Thank you for finding yourself here. Feel free to join the tribe on Facebook & or follow me on Instagram

Love & light, Soph. X



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